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A breakthrough in sound reproduction technology...

Modular Electronics Inc. was established in 1992 by Benny and Paul Amina in Roswell, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. The main goal was to provide outstanding service on consumer electronic repair with emphasis on high-end audio visual products. The company was a huge success right from the beginning. In 1996 the company shifted towards circuit design and custom building of audio products. Up until present Modular electronics is still doing a huge number of repairs on variety brands of audio products as well as manufacturing high quality sound reproduction devices such as amplifiers, speakers and home theater components.

AMINA CR3W speaker. AMINA CN3 speaker. AMINA PR8 vacuum tube preamp. AMINA PR4 vacuum tube preamp. AMINA PA-1000 solid state power amplifier. AMINA PR7 vacuum tube preamp.

Let our experience work for you..

We have been inside of almost every audiophile grade amplifier, pre-amplifier, sound processor and speaker. The repair experience of those devices made us familiar with the great concepts and failures of different designs.
The tremendous amount of experience enabled us to develop a new generation of audio components that utilize state-of the-art technology to perfection. "Quality and reliability"
Every single product is hand built using the highest quality components available and put together with great precision. Thereafter they undergo a rigorous series of inspections. Each component is tested, allowed to burn in for 72 hours, then tested twice more, first with accurate test equipment, then by trained ears of the inspector. No component will leave the work bench unless it is perfect.
One thing that all AMINA gear owners are agreed on is : "A very pleasant listening experience".

Quality workmanship with five years warranty and extraordinary service to back it up. This is the right choice, try it now, satisfaction guaranteed.