Bang & Olufsen BG4002

Beogram 4002 modified to take a p-mount cartridge...

beogram 4002 with gardo cartridge.
With its electronically controlled tangential arm, Beogram 4002 is one the most easily operated turntables in the world.
It is a masterpiece of design and performance with a sleek appearance, being displayed in the museum of modern arts in New York.
The turntable chassis has a very low center of gravity and very large mass. It is suspended from the cabinet by adjustable leaf springs. The system is exceedingly stable and well protected against external influences.
Its belt driven system is designed to yield optimum performance by employing a carefully balanced integrated mechanism in which power transfers free from audible rumble, wow and flutter, as well an accurate speed using a 16 pole synchronous motor.

Electronic light beam sensor for auto LP size detection, smooth cueing mechanism, automatic and manual tone arm control, low mass accurate short tone arm with minimum resonance are just few of it's unique characteristics.

How did the idea of modifying Beogram4002 first arise?

BG4002 playing.

Most of today's fine quality turntables make it possible for the consumer to select the cartridge.
In fact, many audiophiles prefer this arrangement. There was a certain amount of dissatisfaction among users not being able to upgrade the cartridge.
One of leading companies in hi-end cartridge manufacturing is Grado laboratories. The quality and reliability of Grado cartridges is very well recognized in the industry. Thus, Grado was the chosen cartridge for this project.
The combination of B&O and Grado would easily out perform any other automatic turntable in the world .

With the digital revolution and introduction of compact discs in early 80s, turntables started to vanish from the market.
The clean and distortion free sound of the CD players impressed most consumers, but it didn't take audiophiles a long time to realize that it can not replace the good old analog LP sound.
However most manufacturets shut down their turntable assembly lines and in today's market turn tables are either very low quality and cheap or very high-end and extremely expensive.
That is why we decided to rebuild and modify a series of well known and popular old turn tables and beogram 4002 was our first choice.

How does the modification work?

Tone arm and the sensor arm.

The tone arm itself is the first step. It will be accurately cut to the correct length, then it will be dampen internally to reduce unwanted resonance frequencies.
A new mount and cartridge will be installed and the counter weight will be adjusted. If it is going to be used with a non B&O amplifier, a new pair of high quality RCA jacks will be installed. The circuit board will be professionally maintained /repaired and adjusted. The mechanism will be completely over hauled lubed and adjusted. As far as cosmetics, the aluminum top plate and the platter will be polished. The dust cover will be cleaned and polished to eliminate small scratches and scuffings. The wooden trim's veneer will be repaired or replaced if needed. The keyboard usually has wear marks on it. The original finish will be removed and then it will be sprayed with new finish. Basically we will do our best to make this 30 year old turntable as new looking as possible.

What are the advantages compare to the original?

cartrige and it's mount.

Compare to the original Bang & Olufsen MMC20EN, with the Grado blue series, you get deeper bass, a lot more transparency and a sweeter midrange.
If you prefer crisper high notes, you can upgrade further to Grado silver or gold series. They easily outperform MMC20CL.
You do not need to replace the whole cartridge when the stylus gets old, just replace the reasonably priced stylus.
The original B&O cartridges have been out of production for many years now. The Grado cartridges are a lot cheaper than the available replacement. You can use any p mount cartridge of your choice (with correct counter weight setting) and you wouldn't be limited to what was compatible...

Prices: Beogram 4002.

Ship your turntable to us and get an estimate on it.
Here are some examples:
Full package modification with a gold cartridge: $750.00
Tone arm only, including a blue Grado cartridge: $425.00
For those who wish to keep it original but like new, we can offer Cosmetic and circuit repair plus mechanical over haul for average of $350.00
Any kind of B&O turntable with the square arm(i.e. BG8000)can be converted. If you have a different model, please contact us for the price.

Cartridges and Stylus

Grado black: $75.00, replacement stylus: $50.00
Grado green: $95.00, replacement stylus: $60.00
Grado blue: :$125.00, replacement stylus: $80.00
Grado red: :$170.00, replacement stylus: $100.00
Grado silver: $225.00,replacement stylus: $130.00
Grado gold: $260.00, replacement stylus: S150.00

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