For the love of music

We don't claim to have The Best speakers in the world, but our speakers are competing among the finest....

With more than two decades of experience in custom building, repairing and modifying high-end speakers,
Modular Electronics proudly introduces our new line of high fidelity speakers.
Every single speaker is hand built using state-of-the-art components and put together with great precision.
The clarity, smoothness, imaging and depth of our speakers cannot be matched unless you go to much
higher price ranges.

Model Tower4

AMINA tower4.

Probably the finest speaker, for those of you who are looking for a full range, rich sounding, forward midrange speaker.
Incredible depth and so smooth....
With this speaker you get tube like sound using solid state amplifiers!
There is no harshness in the dynamic spectrum whatsoever - music sounds warm and pleasant. Imaging and depth is absolutely incredible. It is suggested to be used in a dedicated listening room.

* Four way driver configuration, third order cross-over network.
* High voltage Polypropylene and Mylar capacitors and air core inductors.
* Best of low distortion and wide dispersion European drivers.
* Dual inputs for bi-amping. Gold plated input jacks.
* 500 Watts RMS power handling.
* Flat frequency response from 20HZ to 35KHZ within 2db.
* 90db SPL efficiency (measured 1 meter from tweeter axis @ 2.83V RMS).
* Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms.(6.5 Ohms for active bass models)
* Optional 250 Watts RMS active bass module.
* Low resonance rigid cabinet configuration.
* 48" X 10" X 13.5" deep. * Three years full warranty.
* Made in U.S.A, built to last.

Price : $4500.00 for a pair.

Sub amplifier module.

Price for optional external active bass module : $500.00 for a pair.

* 250W class D amplifier.
* Variable cross over, phase and loudness.

Model CN3 center channel speaker.

AMINA CN3 center channel.

Awesome center channel speaker, ultra linear frequency response , very accurate midrange.

* Sealed cabinet air suspension design.
* Excellent linear dynamic response.
* Low distortion, wide dispersion European drivers.
* Accurate and stable 3rd order crossover network.
* 90 db SPL efficiency. (1 m/v)
* 27 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response.
* Less than 0.3% total harmonic distortion.
* 22" X 9" x 14" deep.

price : $890.00

AMINA BS-2 speaker.

BS-2, two way speaker system.

* Sweet sounding speaker without the size.
* Front or rear ported design.
(depending on your room & setup)
* Available in cherry, black ash or piano finish.
* High quality components and craftsmanship.
* 91 db spl efficiency. (1 m/v)
* 25 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response.
* Less than 0.3% total harmonic distortion.
* 22" X 9" X 14" deep.

* Price: $1250.00/pair

CR3W, New design, 3 way musical speaker system.

AMINA CR3W speaker.
AMINA CR3W speaker.
AMINA CR3W speaker.

The objective with this design was to build a not necessarily flat, but
fun to listen to " musical" speaker with a very wide range of horizontal dispersion.

The sound stage is very impressive and best of all there are no sweet spots!

This speaker fills up the room with sound waves and you can enjoy music from any corner of the room. It is not room dependent at all. It has a very impressive bass for a small speaker.

* 90 db spl efficiency.
* 26 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response.
* 150 Watts RMS power handling.
* Long throw low distortion 8" woofer.
* 3" dome midrange and 1" dome tweeter on top.
* Curved cabinet design to minimize internal sound wave reflections.
* 3" Rear port design.
* 17" X 10" x 14" deep.
* Available in piano black, cherry and maple.

Price: $3000.00

A home theater system

home theater combo.

Looking for a home theater speaker system?
BS2 and CN3 make an awesome home theater combination...

Or upgrade to the ultimate:
TOWER4 and CN3, full range music and home theater system:
ultimate home theater system.