Bang & Olufsen cartridge rebuild

Do not discard your old broken MMC cartridges, we can rebuild them now...

rebuilt MMC cartridges.
Bang & Olufsen has discontinued all of its cartridge manufacturing for few years now.
The huge demand for cartridges and the subsequent shortage made us develop a procedure to repair and restore the existing cartridges.
Many companies were using microscopic methods to sharpen or replace the diamond tip of the larger cartridges, but the extremely miniaturized transducing element, the highly precise micro cross technology and the permanently sealed construction of B&O MMCx series made it seem impossible to even get into the cartridge.
Back in 2004 we came with the idea of the replacing the tone arm of the turn tables using larger MMC20 cartridges to take the traditional two piece cartridges.

Please check our BG4002 link.

But that idea would not be practical for the later generation for B&O turn tables using smaller MMC cartridges.
We had the urge to find a solution for those kinds of turn tables as well.
Many attempts to take the delicate cartridge apart failed right at the beginning. At the same time we couldn't find any other cartridge small enough to fit the ultra thin tone arm.
Finally in 2006 we successfully replaced the first cantilever on a MMC4 cartridge. Selected customers were chosen to monitor the performance of the new cartridges in the real world.
Back in 2009 we launched the B&O cartridge repair program and today we rebuild these cartridges for our Bang & olufsen enthusiast customers all over the world.
Ever since we have perfected the cartridge rebuild procedure and our new cantilever/diamond tips exceeds the quality of the original MMC4 cartridges.

What kind of cartridges can be rebuilt ?

cartridge with broken tip.

Any cartridge with a broken tip or broken cantilever or broken/loose suspension can be repaired. A broken tip causes the tone arm not to track and the tone arm will skate inward on the record.
A loose suspension causes distortion and one channel sounding different from the other channel.
What we can not fix is when a channel is out. That means the voice coil is open and at that point we may have a replacement cartridge for you.
If one channel is completely dead, it is also possible that you are having a bad signal cord or a bad RCA jack.
There is a simple test to find out if the cartridge is defective or if the cable is bad. First pay attention to which speaker is not playing.
Then stop the turn table and take the cartridge out and put it back in up side down. That means the diamond tip is facing up now.
Put an old record on the turn table and hit PLAY. Let the tone arm drop and the mute relay click. Now with your finger tip gently touch the tip of the stylus. You should hear a noise from one of the speakers.
If you hear the noise from the same channel that was working, that means the cartridge is fine and the signal cord is defective.
If the channel that was not working before is making the noise, then unfortunately you have a broken cartridge.

What parts will be replaced and how does the repaired cartridge sound?

New cantilever. Voice coils.

We will install a new elliptical diamond tip 0.20mm round along with a new aluminum cantilever and a new suspension.
This will make the cartridge compatible to MMC4 (or better). The MMC2 and MMC1 use ruby cantilever and a different diamond tip that we can not get at present time.
That means those cartridges still can be fixed, however they will sound like a MMC4 with a better midrange and they should be treated like a MMC4 when you adjust your tone arm.
(1.5 gram counter weight and anti skating at 1 is recommended.)

* If your MMC1/MMC2 has a good stylus, but a bad suspension, it still can be fixed by saving the original cantilever and replacing the suspension only.

How can I get my cartridge repaired?

a rebuilt cartridge.

You need to ship your cartridge to our shop and we will contact you with repair information.
Please keep in mind that this is an invasive and delicate procedure and there is always a risk involved.
Currently over 90% of cartridges are repairable, however due to the age of some cartridges and also human error there is a less than 10% chance of failure and the cartridge will be ruined. In that case there will be only a $15.00 shipping/handeling charge.

Our repair price is a reasonable flat rate of $150.00. Suspension repair price for MMC1 or MMC2 cartidges which still have an intact cantilever and diamond tip will be $180.00.
Free Shipping inside U.S. main land, International shipping will be $25.00 extra via United States postal,regular mail service.

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